Craftsmanship is the key word of all items created by Tosato, since all items are made with outstanding handcrafted techniques such as drawers with dovetail joints with the bottom panel of each drawer crafted with a “diamond back” technique, symbol of artisan fine cabinetry.

The quality of the materials contained in each piece of furniture is certified in the data tag that accompanies each piece of furniture. Technical specifications of your chosen furniture are also included in the data tag, together with a 12-year guarantee.

The 12-year guarantee includes all the standards of the furniture. This allows you choose superior quality furniture and live these items in your home with the maximum serenity. On the data tag, a specific Identification Code allows you to trace the origin of all the information and history of the furniture purchased with the Tosato embossed brand. This traceability is essential for such high quality furniture

This is the real Made in Italy, known and recognized throughout the world.
We wish you a pleasant research of furniture best suited to your most challenging requests.


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