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Tosato, Italian home décor Company. Thanks to the skilful craftsmanship of its master craftsmen, makes each home into a regal abode, by using the finest raw materials in solid wood worked to evade any type of defect and thus ensuring great value to its creations.

Tosato is totally committed to the care and finish of the furniture such as the ribbed design that pays homage to the elegance of the classical Greek and Roman Empire. Our Company located in Verona also has a modern approach and is attentive to new technologies in combining style with ergonomics and versatility. Passion is the key word of Tosato’s creations that are treated with care at every stage of production, and in the packaging where they are preserved from scratches by using a wrapping of TNT (nonwoven fabric).

To brand the quality of the furniture, it is fire-branded with the year of production, together with a twelve-year warranty, as proof of authenticity and therefore synonymous of high quality. Tosato is the power of the “Made in Italy” in collaboration with the skilful craftsmanship of its master craftsmen, turning its furniture into true artistic creations.