Tosato furniture:  You notice their style, and fall in love with the quality

Class, beauty, uniqueness, and a modern look, always attentive to trends and market demands, are the strengths of Tosato’s classic luxury furniture created by the hands of expert master craftsmen, and made with the most prestigious raw materials such as solid wood, particularly suitable for high quality products, fundamental for the innovative techniques used in the production phase, and which combine to enhance the prestige of the furniture in the course of time.

Techniques such as the "diamond back" technique for the bottom panel of the drawers " and the "dovetail" joints, symbols of excellent craftsmanship, is made possible only through the use of solid wood and wood derivatives, used by Tosato in order to make our furniture solid, strong, unalterable in time with the ability to withstand any strain.

Tosato, conscious of the extraordinary value of its creations, embosses every single piece of furniture that comes out of the factory, with a an embossed fire brand as well as a brass plate with "Tosato - Made in Italy" written on it, as guarantee of quality, uniqueness, exclusiveness and originality.

This embossed brand not only guarantees the value of classic luxury furniture, but is also a safeguard for the buyer since each creation with the Tosato brand has the year of production and is guaranteed 12 years.


Tosato: details make the difference

Tosato is well aware that to increase the value in making their elegant and refined furniture and furnishings, they must pay attention to other materials used, such as the metal parts of drawers and cupboards, the glass and crystals used in coffee tables or windows, down to the fabrics used for upholstering armchairs and sofas.

Tosato in fact chooses 100% cotton fibre, velvet and linen. The latter is prewashed with a stone-wash treatment that gives it a soft natural look. To enhance the upholstery of sofas, chairs and headboards, Tosato has chosen a quilted fabric, famous since the1800’s, working with mastery in creating the  capitonnè padding in square or rhomboid shapes, gives the furniture an irresistible charm.

The leather is another point in favour of Tosato: the leather used has the excellent reputation of "Full grain leather" (the best part of the hide) it is flawless without imperfections, but at the same time preserves the characteristics of the surface, the grain and softness.

Tosato pays particular attention in pursuit of a unique and exclusive design, which is why in its collections it pays tribute to the timeless beauty of Greek and Roman art, by using elegant details such as ribbed designs or the Roman cross. This artistic soul goes along perfectly with a modern spirit in the name of the most advanced technology. By adopting the Bluemotion system, a smooth and comfortable opening of drawers is assured, and to make its classic luxury furniture extremely versatile, Tosato has chosen to install the most innovative mechanical movements.


Product data

To guarantee the high quality of its classic luxury handmade, made in Italy furniture, Tosato has provided it with a real identity card, in order to ensure continuous control at every stage of construction, but also to certify the work of its master craftsmen.

This data tag is mandatory and subject to Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6th September 2005.  All stages of production are clearly specified, from the seasoning of the wood to non-toxic finishes, it describes the full range of prestigious woods used, the joints and related glues and varnishing.

On the data tag, a specific Identification Code allows you to trace the origin of all the information and history of the furniture purchased with the Tosato embossed brand. This traceability is essential for such high quality furniture.

Tosato S.r.l. customizes PRODUCT DATA TAGS with your name. 

Handcrafted, Elegant and Exclusive: this is the Italian furniture with the TOSATO embossed brand.