The production of Tosato’s Made in Italy handcrafted furniture

Excellent craftsmanship by master craftsmen, innovation, high quality solid wood, meticulous care in the production of furniture, and focused to customer care, are just some of the features of Tosato’s personality, the Italian furniture trademark, who has invested in its passion: 'the love of best quality furniture.


Tosato’s creations are handled with the utmost care at all stages of manufacturing: from the seasoning of solid wood down to the packaging.

Tosato keeps a careful eye on the evolution of market trends, because of this, as well as the choice in the use of prestigious selected wood, attention is also given to all the other elements that make up an item of furniture, such as the metal parts, glass and crystal, as well as the fabrics, which are carefully selected and processed with the same care as in the past. Everything is always under Tosato’s vigilant supervision, so that only after checking each requisite opts to offer its furniture to the public.

The production of handmade furniture in solid wood is manufactured in Tosato’s   laboratories and made by master craftsmen, experts who use up-to-date technology with modern CNC machines, ensuring maximum reliability.

Special attention is particularly given to the seasoning of the wood, which must not exceed 9% moisture in order to avoid all flaws, giving solidity and strength to the furniture in the course of time. For the same reason solid wood is also used for the rear panels of the furniture, as well as for the rest of the structure.

All working processes use handcrafted techniques, from the construction to finishings and polishing that is done with waxes and natural materials, with a total respect for the environment.

Tosato’s made in Italy handcrafted furniture is controlled at all stages of manufacture, right down to the packaging, the phase in which our company, located in Verona, uses the innovative TNT (nonwoven fabric) as a protective cover in the first packaging, a kind of second skin to avoid even the tiniest scratch on the furniture.

This particular care given to our furniture is guaranteed by the embossed firebrand with the year of production and is guaranteed 12 years.


Tosato’s Product Data, a passport for each item of furniture

To guarantee the high quality of the made in Italy handcrafted furniture, Tosato has chosen to provide it with a genuine passport, in order to ensure continuous control at every stage of construction, but also to document the work of its master craftsmen.

The luxurious Tosato furniture is sophisticated and unique, ​​and as added value, is the care taken in the inlay work, an art where the experience and skill are key factors in achieving the originality in furniture design, refined details and great care taken in the assembling process.