Tosato: interior furniture since 1946

"Passion, experience and quality is the key to our success, and, combined with the expertise in the field of Classic furniture has allowed us to achieve leadership in the market."

This is the mission of the of Italian furniture brand who with its personal production for the past three generations is a refined expression of the Made in Italy, carefully cared for in every detail, made for all those who know and appreciate the true value ​​of Italian quality.

This is the story of success that originates with Argante Tosato, an expert woodworker, who in 1946 opened his first artisan workshop producing custom furniture.  Argante’s success was skilfully continued by his son Tiziano who thanks to the teachings of his father and the experience gained over the years, in 1983, decided to open a company with the help of his wife Maria, and invested in the creation of Made in Italy luxury, high quality refined furniture of unique design. Tosato’s current generation is represented by his offspring who –focused on the experience and training - hold the flag high in the world of handcrafted Made in Italy furniture.

The evolution of the Italian furniture brand confirms itself in the course of time when, in addition to its participation in major trade fairs, Tosato opens up to foreign markets and through increasing demand decides to expand in structural and organizational levels.

2005 is the year of the actual construction of its headquarters and branches in Cerea (Verona) It comprises a covered surface area totalling ​​10,600 square meters divided in sectors where the various phases in the creation of each item of furniture is carried out: woodworking, polishing, packaging, warehouse, offices and showrooms.

Tosato continues investing in research, creating refined and elegant collections of furniture that, in addition to satisfying the living areas, also meets the demands for the rest of the home. In 2009 the inexhaustible passion and creative mind, allowed Tosato to reach the quota of 450 articles in its catalogue.

In 2013 Tosato created “Desideri”, the current handcrafted furniture collection with various solutions, stylish with a refined unique design and inspired by Greek-Roman art. As in all the collection of our Italian furniture brand, special attention is given not only to the choice of the prestigious solid wood, but also to all the other materials used in the furniture. In 2013 Tosato had the honour of carrying out the decor for the beautiful Sochi resort, built for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.


Tosato’s philosophy

These Made in Italy handcrafted items are bound together by three key words: passion, tradition, innovation. Tosato’s real trump cards, the Italian furniture brand.

An integral part of its philosophy is the choice of the most prestigious raw materials like solid wood worked to minimize imperfections and ensuring great value to their creations with the Tosato brand.

Proposing best quality luxury furniture is the "linking thread" that binds together all the offers of the Italian furniture brand. For this reason Tosato, conscious of the extraordinary value of its creations, embosses its furniture with a fire brand including the year of production and a 12 year guarantee: proof of authenticity and as further evidence of the value of this Made in Italy handcrafted furniture, created for those who know and love the true values ​​of good quality, beauty and uniqueness of Italian design.