The certification of Tosato's Made in Italy handcrafted furniture

Creativity, reliability, high quality are Tosato's strong points, the Italian furniture brand, known and appreciated throughout the world due to the creativity of its designers, the skill of its master craftsmen, innovation, but also because of the meticulous care taken in creating furniture in solid wood, sophisticated, stylish and luxurious with a unique and refined design.

Guaranteed 12 years

Tosato guarantees its furniture for 12 years from any ungluing, cracks or any other flaws in manufacture by replacing the item at our company premises. All furniture is accompanied by a data tag, a veritable "passport" which shows all stages of production, from the seasoning of the wood to the non-toxic finishing. This data tag also displays the exclusive woods used, the joints with all the relevant glues and varnishes.

All Tosato handcrafted furniture is designed, manufactured and produced in Italy by master craftsmen working in the various fields of specialization: inlayers, lacquerers, polishers, upholsterers. The brand embossed on each piece of furniture, with the year of production - which attests the 12year guarantee - assures the origin and uniqueness, and enhances the quality and craftsmanship of its long-standing traditions.

Solid wood

For its handcrafted furniture, Tosato chooses selected solid wood or laminated wood for the rear part of the furniture or for the entire piece since it guarantees the best results in manufacturing, it offers better performance in resistance and has the advantage of improving its appearance in aging. Tosato strictly selects only prestigious wood and non-wood products, and processes them with the maximum attention and methods in the very best artisan tradition.

"Vero Legno" Consortium

Since 2002 Tosato has joined the "Vero Legno"Consortium, a trademark that is guarantee of quality. "Vero Legno supports all companies, such as Tosato, who exclusively use selected high quality wood for its made in Italy handcrafted furniture, thus confirming reliability and trust towards their customers.


Tosato is a member of "FederlegnoArredo", Federation, true ambassadors of the Italian taste in good living in the world, founded in 1945 with the aim to support the know-how of the Made in Italy and the development of Italian business enterprises.


Tosato is a member of "Apindustria", an association founded in 1962 whose mission is to represent, protect and support small and medium-sized business enterprises in Verona and province .


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