The Tosato family business has represented a ne example of Made in Italy for three generations, with devoted attention given to every detail of each item.
All the pieces of furniture made by Tiziano Tosato are designed and fabricated in Italy, by skilled craftsmen, using only selected 1rst choice wood.

Unlimited creativity, great craftsmanship of its master cabinetmakers, and total customer care, are some of the qualities of Tosato’s personality, the Italian furniture brand who, for three generations has invested on its passion, the love for handcrafted pieces of best quality furniture, with a 12 year guarantee.

The choice of the best essences of solid wood, not only is used for the entire structure of the furniture but also for its rear panels, This the keyword of Tosato’s philosophy which contributes in guaranteeing the prestige of its classic furniture in solid wood, that vaunts refined luxurious custom finishes, the best fabrics, padded capitonné upholstery for sofas, chairs and headboards, the leather used has the excellent reputation of being “Full grain leather” which is the finest part of the hide.

Another secret of the international success of Tosato’s interior furniture, is the care taken in the inlay work, an ancient art that conveys the timeless beauty of the past, where Tosato focuses on each detail to give its furniture durability, uniqueness, elegance and sophistication, in the wake of the best Italian furniture manufacturing school.

Our furniture, controlled at all stages of manufacture from the design to the packaging, has an exclusive design, which distinguishes itself thanks to details such as the ribbed or Roman cross design, which pays homage to the art of the ancient empires and are real ” factory brands “of Tosato. This neoclassical mood of our Italian furniture brand, combines its modern and up to date essence with the most advanced technology in order to bestow not only class, but also ergonomics and versatility to its furniture.

Precious and with a strong personality, this classic furniture in solid wood has a data tag (which certifies all stages of manufacture) the embossed brand, the brass tag, and the year of production. These details not only attest a 12-year guarantee of the 600 proposals in our furniture brand, but also the great craftsmanship of our master craftsmen who turn them into authentic artistic creations, making them indispensable protagonists of a home which embraces modernity, without precluding the elegance and sophistication of the past.